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ESP32 Programming Tutorials​ With Arduino

✔ Learn ESP32 Internal SoC Hardware & Peripherals

✔ Design your IoT Applications With ESP32 SoC

✔ Interface Various Peripherals Inside OF ESP32 SoC

✔ Develop IoT Applications Based on Different Protocols. (Bluetooth – BLE – Wi-Fi – ESP-NOW – MQTT – etc.. )

✔ Get Familiar With Interrupts / Timers / EXTI / Tasks / RTOS

✔ Interface Various Display Units (7-Segments, Alphanumeric LCD, OLED, TFT, etc)

✔ Interface Various Input Units (Buttons, Rotary Encoders, Keypad, HMI TouchPADs, etc)

✔ Control Several Types OF Actuators (DC Motors, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, etc)

✔ Create Many Wireless Communication Projects With ESP32 ( Web-Servers – GSM/GNSS – nRF24L01 – IR – etc..)

And Much More…

ESP32 IoT Development Frameworks​

On this ESP32 course (series of tutorials) page, you’ll find tutorials to help you get started with 4 of the most common IoT development frameworks for ESP32. Mainly, most tutorials will be based on “Arduino Core”. But you’ll get a good introduction to all the other options as well.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you want a specific tutorial/project to be re-published (reworked) using a specific framework. Those are the 4 ESP32 development frameworks to be covered here on this course page:

ESP32 Arduino Core

ESP32 Arduino Vs PlatformIO Comparison

ESP32 MicroPython


ESP32 AT Commands

ESP32 AT Commands Tutorials
ESP32 MicroPython Tutorials
ESP32 IDF Tutorials
ESP32 AT CMD Tutorials


Here is the GitHub repo for this course. There you’ll find the latest version of all the LAB examples, projects folders, etc.

You can raise an issue in any LAB directory so I can start investigating the matter and get it fixed, then push the next release. In this way, users can always have an access to the most up-to-date version of each project / LAB.

Others can contribute to refining all code examples as well. Which will hopefully add so much value to the whole community.


Click The Link Down Below To View The Full ESP32 Course Hardware Kit. 

The required ESP32 development boards, sensors, modules, and actuators for all the practical LABs / Projects. You may need extra hardware if you’re planning to create some more specific projects.



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