ESP32 Tutorials Full Hardware Kit List

ESP32 Programming Tutorials Full Kit List

You can check the Full Course Kit on DeepBlueMbedded Storefront Powered by Amazon. Or alternatively, check the options listed here on this page for all parts needed in all ESP32 tutorials series.

  1. The ESP32 Development Boards  

Main ESP32 Dev Boards (Main Boards To Be Used in My Tutorials)

QTY. Picture Name Product Links

30 GPIOs Version

[  –  –  –  AliExpress ]

36 GPIOs Version

[  –  –  –  AliExpress  ]


2 Getting Started With ESP32 Tutorial Guide - ESP8266 NodeMCU ESP8266 NodeMCU

2 Getting Started With ESP32 Tutorial Guide - ESP-01 ESP8266

Other ESP32 Dev Boards (Not Mandatory For The Course)

Adafruit HUZZAH32 ESP32 Thing LOLIN32 + Battery Holder ESP32 LOLIN OLED SX1278 ESP32 (LoRa)
Getting Started With ESP32 Guide - Board Comparison IDE Options - Adafruit HUZZAH32 Getting Started With ESP32 Tutorial Guide - ESP32 Thing Sparkfun Board Getting Started With ESP32 Tutorial Guide -WEMOS-ESP32 Lolin32 With Battery Holder Getting Started With ESP32 Tutorial Guide -ESP32 Lora Board

 2. The Electronic Components, Modules, and Sensors 

QTY Component Name ???? Buy On
???? Buy On
    Mandatory Basic Components
6 BreadBoard Amazon eBay
1 LEDs Kit Amazon Amazon eBay
1 Resistors Kit Amazon Amazon eBay
1 Capacitors Kit Amazon Amazon eBay & eBay
2 Jumper Wires Pack Amazon Amazon eBay & eBay
2 USB-TTL Converter or FTDI Chip Amazon Amazon eBay  eBay
1 9v Battery or DC Power Supply Amazon Amazon Amazon eBay
1 Micro USB Cable Amazon eBay
1 Push Buttons Amazon Amazon eBay
1 Potentiometers Amazon Amazon eBay
    Actuators & Drivers
2 DC Motor 12v Amazon eBay
1 DC Motor Driver (H-Bridge) Amazon Amazon eBay  eBay
2 Stepper Motor (Unipolar or Bipolar) Amazon Amazon eBay
2 Stepper Motor Driver Amazon eBay
2 ULN2804A Stepper Motor Driver IC (or A988) Amazon eBay
4 Micro Servo Motor (Metal Gear) Amazon eBay
1 8ohm Speaker Amazon eBay
1 Audio Power Amplifier Amazon eBay
    Sensors & Modules
2 HC-04 Ultrasonic Sensor Amazon eBay
1 KeyPAD Amazon eBay
1 SD Card Module Amazon eBay
1 MPU6050 IMU (Accelerometer+Gyro) Amazon eBay
2 LM35 Temperature Sensor Amazon eBay
2 Alphanumeric LCD Module Amazon eBay
1 MP3 Player Amazon eBay
1 0.96 OLED Display Amazon eBay
2 Rotary Encoders Amazon eBay
1 Microphone Amazon Amazon eBay
3 I2C LCD Module Amazon Amazon eBay
1 RTC (Real-Time Clock) Amazon eBay
1 GPS Module Amazon Amazon eBay
2 nRF24L01+ (With or Without PA) Amazon Amazon eBay  eBay
2 LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Amazon eBay
3 Seven Segments Display (com. cathode) Amazon eBay
1 3-Digit 7Segments Display Com. Cathode Amazon eBay
2 Joystick Module Amazon eBay
any MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display Amazon eBay

 3. Test Equipment For Troubleshooting 

QTY. Picture Name Product Links
1 My Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO): Siglent SDS1104


1 FeelTech DDS Function Generator: KKMoon FY6900


1 Logic Analyzer


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