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I hope you find this website a useful free resource. It’ll be always free and I’ll be always here to help & answer your questions. Honestly, it takes so much time/effort/money to plan ahead, create, edit, publish, and maintain the content on a website like this. Don’t underestimate any kind of help! Any sort of support is truly appreciated.

On meeting specific goals, We can have a clearer platform (Ad-Free). I can also dedicate more time to creating more content, YouTube videos, etc. You can actually support me in a couple of ways: donation, and shopping through affiliate links.

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You can check my patreon campaign and pledge as low as 1$/Month. Patreon platform is actually a very efficient way for followers to support the content creators they love. Pledging a few bucks a month can really add up and helps the creator pay for the expenses and produce more quality content. You can buy me a coffee, dude!

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The standard old-school way to support the content creators you love is Paypal direct donations. You can donate as much as you want. I appreciate and I’m thankful for all kinds of contributions. You can send me donations using Paypal buttons or via This Link.

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Do your regular shopping on your favorite platforms through my links. In fact, I get a small commission for your completed sales -At NO Additional Cost for you- It’s a win-win situation.

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