I’m Khaled Magdy
An embedded systems engineer doing both Software & Hardware. I’m an EE guy who studied Computer Engineering, But I’m also passionate about Computer Science. I love reading, writing, creating projects and Technical training programs.

A reader by day a writer by night, it’s my lifestyle. You can view my profile or follow me via contacts at the top of the left sidebar.

I believe that the combination of brilliant minds, bold ideas, and a complete disregard for what is possible, can and will change the world! I will be there when it happens – will you?

DeepBlue LogoDeepBlue is a free educational website which was launched as a community for Computer Science & Engineering enthusiasts. On which I publish technical articles with theoretical foundations that really matters everyone willing to learn more about these fields or interested in reading about.

  • If you love Algorithms, Embedded Systems, Machine Intelligence, Control or Programming, you’ll feel just at the right place here.
  • You should expect to see here many educational posts, systematic tutorials and well-documented projects concerning the related subjects.
  • You can head over to the categories menu on the home page and start navigating through all the categories available in the meantime.
  • Recommended reference links to hardware kits, books, articles, MOOCs are listed in dedicated pages to help you when needed. However, you can always ask for more resources for the same piece of information, so I or any of the readers may help you.

I’m here, and will always be, doing my best pushing DeepBlue just to help all of you guys.

Good Luck Everybody


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