STM32 LM35 Temperature Sensor Example Code Project Blue Pill STM32F103C8

STM32 LM35 Temperature Sensor Example – LM35 With STM32 ADC

In this article, we’ll create a simple project for STM32 LM35 temperature sensor interfacing with ADC. It’ll also include an LCD screen to display the temperature. You’ll also learn how to add and configure the ECUAL drivers, it was described before in a previous tutorial, but today will be another practice example to see how to build portable high-level application firmware.

STM32 Light Sensor Interfacing Project With LDR - STM32 Projects And Tutorials

STM32 Light Sensor (LDR) Interfacing – Ambient Light Sensor Project

In this LAB, we’ll create a simple STM32 project using the LDR (light dependent resistor) as a light sensor to sense the ambient light intensity and map it to a PWM duty cycle and get this signal out on an LED. So that the LED brightness increases as the surrounding gets darker.

STM32 ADC DMA Interrupt Tutorial - Examples HAL Tutorial

STM32 ADC Read Example – DMA / Interrupt / Polling

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the different possible methods to Read Analog Input With STM32 ADC. The LAB we’ll implement is an LED dimmer using a potentiometer to analog input pin and PWM to control the LED brightness.