UART Serial Communication Tutorial With PIC Microcontroller

UART | Serial Communication With PIC Microcontrollers Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing UART. You’ll get to know what is the UART serial communication protocol? How does it work? What are the typical applications for UART? We’ll also discuss in detail the process of creating the required firmware to drive the UART module in our PIC Microcontrollers

EEPROM Memory in Microcontroller Tutorial

EEPROM Memory (Internal)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what are EEPROM memories? How do they work? What are their applications? And how to interface the internal EEPROM memory within our PIC Microcontroller chip. We’ll also develop the required firmware drivers for EEPROM memory to perform Write/Read operations at any memory locations we want.

DC Motor Speed Control - PWM With L293D IC

DC Motor Speed Control With PIC Microcontroller PWM And L293D

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how DC motors work, How to control both speed & direction of a DC motor. You’ll also get familiar with the required hardware driving circuitry. We’ll develop the required firmware code in order to control a DC motor as a practical Lab at the end of this tutorial


PWM – Pulse Width Modulation Tutorial | CCP Module

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what is Pulse Width Modulation? What are the applications of PWM? And How to generate PWM signals with PIC Microcontrollers. We’ll discuss the PWM mode and develop the necessary firmware to create an LED Dimmer application

CCP Modules (Capture/Compare/PWM)

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know what are the CCP modules in PIC Microcontrollers. Their modes of operation (Capture-Compare-PWM), what are the mechanics of operation for each mode, And how to develop the necessary firmware in order to drive the CCP module operation for each mode (Capture-Compare).