Servo Motor Tutorial With PIC Microcontroller Part1 Thumbnail

Servo Motor Control With PIC Microcontrollers – PWM PT1

In this Article / Tutorial, we’ll discuss how servo motor works. And how to control servo motor with pic microcontrollers. Why it’s difficult to generate 50Hz PWM with CCP in PIC Microcontrollers. And what are the different design solutions to control servo motors with microcontrollers? This article will address the CCP/PWM solution. Other methods for controlling servos will be introduced in future articles, such as: soft PWM, NCO, PCPWM, and much more!

MPU6050 Tutorial With PIC XC8

MPU6050 With Microchip PIC | Accelerometer Gyroscope Interfacing With PIC

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to interface MPU6050 IMU (Accelerometer + Gyroscope) with PIC microcontrollers. And we’ll write a C code driver to get raw data from the sensor with both PIC18F2550 & PIC16F877A. You’ll also know the internal structure of the MPU6050, its register map, and how to configure each part of it. So you can change the data rate/sampling or the scale for each of the accelerometer and gyroscope.