ESM Issue1 (Capacitive Touch Sensing) Is Now Published!


ESM Issue1

Greetings Everyone! I was finally able to put together some episodes of ESM into one document and it’s been now released on DeepBlue Shop. For the past couple of years, I’ve been receiving multiple requests to remake ESM episodes into an English version. And it’s finally done, at least a few of them. For those who don’t know what ESM is, it’s as follows.

Embedded Systems Minutes (ESM) is a series of technical articles (episodes) written in a magazine-form but it’s not a magazine, it’s an eBook series. Dedicated to embedded systems enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. Each episode can include a theoretical topic highlighted, a design idea, technique, or even a specific problem with different design solutions for it.

Each issue will be focusing on one theme or topic. Discussing it from the very basics and fundamental concepts and walks you through all the way up to the point at which you know how to use the demonstrated techniques or design & implement the discussed solutions on your own projects.


ESM Issue #1 “Capacitive Touch Sensing”

In this issue

  • Theoretical Introduction To Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology & How it Works
  • Different Types of Capacitive Touch Sensing Methods: Self-Capacitance & Mutual-Capacitance
  • Various CapTouch Hardware Embedded Solutions From Various Vendors
  • Basic Techniques To Achieve CapTouch With Any µC
  • Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) Technique With Any µC
  • Practical Implementation (in Embedded-C) Code Examples
  • Basic Hardware Design Guidelines For CapTouch Applications


  • +4 Practical Project Examples
  • 6 Different Hardware Peripherals For CapTouch Solutions
  • Dedicated GitHub Repo For This Issue LABs / Projects
  • 75 Pages

Let’s Take a Deeper Insight into This 1st Issue of ESM


Click the cover image thumbnail down below to go to DeepBlue Shop so you can grab your copy of ESM Issue 1. Use this coupon code “ESM1K2GV” to get a 25% discount for the first 100 readers. it’s now on sale for 1.99$ instead of 2.5$, so don’t miss that!

ESM Issue1 eBook

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