How To Interface 7-Segments Display With Microcontrollers

Interfacing 7-Segments Display With PIC Microcontrollers

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how do 7-segments displays work, and how to interface 7-segments display with PIC microcontrollers. The 7-segments display needs a little bit of programming effort and it’s pretty easy & straightforward. So let’s get started!

Input Output Ports GPIO Pins in Microcontrollers

PIC Microcontrollers Input/Output IO Ports GPIOs Tutorial

in this tutorial, we’ll address the Input/Output Ports in the Microchip PIC microcontrollers. You’ll learn much about the digital input/output pins GPIOs in microcontrollers, how they work and how to drive/interface them properly. We’ll also flash some LEDs for testing out these concepts.

Creating New Project With MPLAB IDE

Creating New Project With MPLAB

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a new project in MPLAB and how to add the basic code files. Just stick with me through the following steps.