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Greetings everyone. I just wanted to give you a quick update for the ARM-Based STM32 microcontrollers programming tutorials. The course has actually crossed the first third line, which means there are still too many tutorials to come in the upcoming months. The course is expected to be around 90 or 100 tutorials with 100+ practical LABs / mini-project throughout the entire course.

At the date of writing this quick update, there are already 30 tutorials with 26 LABs out there on the course’s home page. The next 10 tutorials (31-40) are going to be just interfacing for a handful of modules to help you with your project (keyPAD, ultrasonic, Bluetooth, 7Segments, Servo, Stepper motors, etc). I’ve also added some more tutorials depending on the readers’ requests and suggestions like GPS, GSM, RTC, and some other stuff. I’ll definitely go through these topics at some point.

And starting from tutorial 41 we’ll continue our main topics of the course like I2C, SPI, USB serial communications with a lot of practical LABs on each of them, followed by capacitive touch sensing, SDcard memory interfacing, and so on.

In the end, I hope you find this work helpful enough. And would like to invite you to Support My Work Here On Patreon. This helps me keep this whole thing running and cut down the associated expenses. Whether you can support this work or not, please consider sharing the Course’s Home Page link, not this update post, on socials like Facebook groups, Reddit, Linkedin, Twitter, and everywhere possible. After a complete month that page did only get 1 share in total which is devastating to me.

Sharing the course’s link helps a lot, keeps me motivated, and brings in new readers who can definitely help us refine the articles written here and share their experience with us. I wish you all the best and good luck with your projects.


Kind regards,

Khaled M.

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